My little baby!

This is daddy’s little baby. Let me introduce Katy. She was brought to our house when she was 2.5 weeks old. Our neighbor found her, and his wife is allergic to cats so they couldn’t keep her. We bottle fed her to keep her alive. She is now 4 years old, and my family and I can’t imagine our lives without her. She follows me around and sleeps on our bed with us. She is a sweet little girl. For some reason, she loves biting ankles, but I’m sure she is doing it with love. I love this little girl.

The reason for the picture: I had just bought a new lens and I was in my back yard. Of course, Katy was following me around vying for my attention. She rolled over and was staring at me with those beautiful eyes. I took this photo of her and this is the end result. She poses really well for being on her back.