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Brand Photography



Brand Photography

“I have to say working with Jeff was delightful! His photography skills are amazing and I am so happy with the result. He really captured the essence of me and for that I am grateful. Thanks Jeff for being easy to work with and for the great photos!”



Brand Photography

“Jeff is a true pro. He not only has a keen eye for what looks professional, he also is very willing to listen to ideas and feedback throughout the process. The results speak for themselves in that he helps others see the best version of you.”



Brand Photography

“Working with Jeff is always a pleasure! He has been my event, branding and personal photographer for years. In fact, many of my clients use Jeff’s photography services.  I know that I can always count on Jeff to capture the moment and produce the exact image we’re seeking! Kudos, Jeff! And thank you for your professional, dependable service!”



Bonnie, Laci & Adele

Brand Photography

“Not everyone feels comfortable being in front of the camera, but Jeff makes you feel at ease. His constant smile makes it easy to look into the lens and feel ready. His pictures capture the warmth and the fun we were looking for. Jeff is so easy to work with. The pictures are always perfect and all I have to do is smile!”
~ Laci



Brand Photography

“Jeff is the consummate professional photographer, he gets to know his client and then is able to interpret what he learns into photos which translate the personality and the style of the individual. He gets me! Jeff is, in my opinion, the person you must partner with!”



Brand Photography

“I had never met Jeff until the day we met at the botanical gardens for my photo shoot. I was nervous and once he stepped out of the car with his warm smile and confident ease, I knew it was going to be a good day. I have never felt more comfortable being photographed because he made me laugh and brought out my natural smile. He is professional and approachable and I consider him to be my friend and forever photographer.”


Mark & Kylie

Brand Photography

“Jeff is the consummate professional when it comes to catching you at your best. Whether you need a high-end, head shot or an action in front of an audience – you would do well to work with Jeff.”



Brand Photography



Brand Photography



Branding Photography

“Working with Jeff Emerson on my professional headshots was incredible. Not only did he work to ensure that my headshots emulated the dynamic energy of my brand, he also made the entire experience fun and lighthearted. I spent my photo shoot laughing and genuinely smiling, however, my biggest smiles came when I saw my proofs from Jeff. He transformed an awkward freckle-faced ginger from the Midwest into a professional, elegant goddess with a fresh, youthful and vibrant flair. I do not know how he did it, but seeing the photographs he took still makes me glow, and the compliments I have received on my photographs speak for themselves. Thank you, Jeff, for an incredible experience and this invaluable gift. I appreciate you endlessly.’



Portraits, Counseling Retreat Center and Training Facility

“My professional image photos taken by Jeff Emerson were one of my best business investments. His out-of-the box creativity with backgrounds and scenery will capture your natural personality to create amazing photos. Jeff is timely, organized and fun to work with. He traveled to Atlanta, Georgia to create the images I wanted to create. Thank you Jeff!! Bravo!”



Branding and Lifestyle Photography

“If you want someone to capture the real YOU, hire Jeff Emerson. He’s got an eye for the photos that bring out your best and a way of relaxing you into the process. We use the photos that Jeff captured in our marketing materials, website and even personal projects. People always comment on how unique and special they are. Jeff Emerson is everything you want in a professional photographer: creative, experienced, professional, and fun!”



“It is said that a photo is worth a thousand words. Jeff Emerson is a photographer who is able to see his subject and find the best way to bring the essence of the person, pet or situation to light. He is enjoyable to be with and therefore to work with. My favorite photos were taken by Jeff.”


Robert & Tiffany


Other professionals

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